Delightfully Disjointed

Disjointed- 1. Having the joints or connections separated.
2. disconnected; incoherent

Disjointed probably describes my life as an overall generality; however, specifically my life has been rather disjointed the past few months. Take for example this week: On Saturday I woke up particularly distressed over my not-so-glamourous, part-time, minimum wage, jewelry selling job. After enduring over a month’s worth of criticism from a woman who is the size of a small Cessna plane, has the darkest tan you can manage with out ACTUALLY being black and wears so much gold jewelry you could melt her down at any time and get a gold bar–I decided that I had had enough.

Please realize, however, this not-so-glamourous glamour job is not the only part-time job I currently hold. (Excuse me. Held…since I quit that jewelry job and ran so hard I could have won a gold medal.) Oh no. I also spend approximately 18 hours a week in a room about the size of a cubical–with a geriatric chihuahua who happens to have male pattern baldness–surrounded by other people’s donated junk so that I can take pictures of it, measure it and pray that I get money from it on ebay. I’m sure you’re thinking, “This can’t be that horrible of a job…you make money to post things on the internet. You don’t have to deal with people, or nasty customers. You’re able to listen to your own music and sit down all day.”

Lemme jus stop you RIGHT there. I suppose I didn’t mention my overzealous, self-righteous, cross bearing, scripture quoting, bible toting, lemme hear an amen if there’s a christian in the house, boss, did I?

She is God’s gift to humanity as a whole and anything you can do, SHE can do better. Shoot, who is it that sings that song?–Don’t even worry about it, she can do it better.

I’d venture to say, my life is rather disjointed, but delightfully so.

So, there you have it. Delightfully Disjointed. I hope if you stumble on my little space in the internet, you find my stories insightful (or not, because some of them won’t be) and that you enjoy your stay while you’re here.



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