Playing Catch Up

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write my thoughts and other various ridiculousness for a few days, but I’ve always had someone in my space. It’s not a bad thing by any means, I enjoy company–most of the time I crave companionship–but I find it’s a lot easier to be candid when I don’t have someone reading over my shoulder.

Last week The Boss had a conversation with me about admonishing another person’s sin and how it’s an act of love. I challenged her asking if it was really an act of love if we did it in such a way that was condemning, to which her response (in a mocking tone 2 octaves higher than her normal voice) was “people who say don’t judge me, only God can judge me… are really just people who are sinning and don’t want to be called out.” She proceeded to lecture me on the importance of judgment insisting that I realize that without properly judging others’ behavior we won’t know the difference between right and wrong. She is thoroughly exhausting. I spend most of the hours in her presence with my head down giving an occasional “Mmm, Yeah-Uh-huh, You don’t say, Wow” when she takes a breath between rants. I got lucky enough to only have one of these conversations last week, she was rather busy doing other things and I was incredibly thankful for my time alone with porcelain bears, vintage ice cream scoops and my contemporary Christian Pandora station. Can I get an AMEN?!

Also on Thursday(July 17th to be exact) I had the privilege of celebrating Roman’s 25th Birthday with him and his family. Lately I’ve been feeling particularly thankful for our relationship. A lot of things have happened in the short time that we’ve been together and we’ve grown as individuals and as a couple exponentially. He challenges my mind, he makes me laugh until I snort (EMBARASSING), he encourages my faith and he supports my endeavors. He is also that portal to “all things nerdy”, which has been an interesting journey. In honor of his 25th birthday and his love of nerdy things big and small, I threw him an intimate Lord of the Rings Party. I literally watched a lone, salty tear run down his cheek as he admired the décor. (Ok, this part is fictional, but in my mind I envisioned it happening just like that–one single tear, enough to show complete admiration and still keep his manhood.)

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Happy 25th Birthday, honey!!

Happy 25th Birthday, honey!!

Last week was also the annual Church of God Church Camp, aka Warsaw. I grew up there, I learned a lot there, I made lasting friendships there, and I’ve also avoided there like the black plague. This week did not let me down in the drama department: various gossip, affairs with pastor’s wives, and church politics that could make you vomit. However, in the 3 visits that I made, I heard 2 really great sermons, I visited with lifetime friends and I watched my baby sister be baptized. There really isn’t anything greater than my sisters and watching the youngest of us be baptized made me feel all sorts of wonderful things! 🙂

Those seem to be the highlights of last week, The Boss, Love’s Birthday and Church camp drama and excitement. Here’s hoping this week has just as many exciting adventures. 🙂



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