Love is a funny thing. It can be shown, felt and expressed in so many ways.

Sometimes it’s when you stumble into your Mom’s bathroom to find her and your baby sister have been writing sweet notes back and forth to each other.

  Abby Laundry 2 Abby Laundry

Sometimes it’s when you come home and realize that your sister has folded your laundry and put it on your bed for you.

  Holding Hands

Sometimes it’s sitting on a porch swing with your fingers intertwined with the person you love.

Roman Boots

Sometimes it’s when the love of your life volunteers to go to your car to fetch your phone charger…wearing underwear and work boots. (*cue maniacal laughter.)

Sleepy Roman

And sometimes it’s in the quiet moments you get to just enjoy him peacefully sleeping beside you.

It really is the littlest things in life that bring you the most pleasure.  I’m trying to spend time really taking in the little things and being thankful for them. Today as Roman and I took a walk to the Subway in Dresden, I looked at the flowers, I appreciated the little houses. I took in the smell of the neighbors freshly cut grass. I enjoyed the feeling of Roman’s hand in mine as we walked side by side. His hand is rough from work, calloused from always cutting and being in a cold fridge all day, yet when it holds mine it is the most gentle and loving thing I’ve ever experienced.

During lunch he looks across the table from me and says “So how do we want to raise our kids?” This is a man who speaks to my very soul. Anyone who knows me, knows that my life long dream is to be a Mom. I felt my entire body beam with joy at just the thought of his question. Then I proceeded to ramble for 10minutes. (I just can’t help day dreaming about having little kiddos running around!!)

We joked around about parenting teenagers. I deemed him in charge of cleaning under teenage boy beds. He thinks I’m kidding…I’m SOOOO serious. (He’s told me stories about things stashed under his bed–I refused to be a part of that.)

Today was just another day to be thankful–to feel love in the little things.  



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