Embrace It

Last night I was watching videos by Jefferson Bethke, and one of the videos was entitled “How Can I Know God’s Will?”. One of the things that he said in the video really stood out to me. Does what you’re doing bring you closer to God? Does it give you the opportunity to love people and to serve people more? Does it give God glory? (I am paraphrasing, but this is what God spoke to me out of his message.) So, like Jefferson says, if you are faced with two paths to take, chose the one that gives you the opportunity to draw nearer to Christ.

My new job is frightening because of the unknown, but there are parts of this job that are going to give me the opportunity to love and serve and give more than my previous job ever did. Sure, when I first took this job I was 100% motivated by the $3 more an hour and the health insurance. I do think that God provided this job knowing that I needed those things, but His plan–like always–was SO MUCH BIGGER than I even imagined.

Graduate school is another thing that has surprised me. Because I am attending a Christian University, we start every class with a short devotional and prayer. ARE YOU HEARING ME?! When I found this out, I was incredibly excited! I looked at other schools, I actually had been accepted already to Ohio University and just didn’t have peace about going. I now know why I didn’t have the peace I needed. God had other plans, and Marti was just too busy trying to run the show. (-sigh- the curses of a first born.) Either way, this graduate program isn’t just about me furthering my education, it is about me furthering my relationship with Christ. Furthering my knowledge about Christ and being surrounded by people who believe the way I do. I am looking forward to making lasting friendships, getting to know my professors and immersing myself in the plan that God has for my life.

2014-08-17 19.16.05

Another big thing that has been happening is that Roman is getting very busy too. Our time that we’ve spent together has really diminished in the past couple of weeks do to changing schedules. I found myself becoming sad, angry, easily upset, because I missed spending the time with him that I used to. Yesterday when I picked up “Jesus Calling” the passage discussed praying even when things get busy. That just saying His Name brings peace and comfort while you are doing whatever task requires your attention. When things slow down and you have some alone time, that’s when you speak to God more in depth. The second paragraph discussed taking the day as it comes to you and not wishing for different circumstances. That is exactly what I had been doing, and I believe it was the root of all of my discomfort. I was spending too much time and energy wishing these 2 years would fly by, that things would be different, that Roman and I would have the time that we had all summer, and really this is just another part of God’s plan for our lives. How rude of me to just push this phase away like a chore. There is a lot to be learned, a lot to be discovered, there are a lot of friendships to be made and people to talk to about Christ. God’s Will for my life is shining through it a lot of different ways. There is a lot of knowledge and growth to be had in this journey.

I’m choosing to embrace it.


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