Blogging With a Purpose

I’ve talked a lot about the transformations that have been happening within me the past few months and in an effort to surround myself with positivity, grace, and community, I started following several AWESOME ladies on instagram. I’ve seen several discussions about doing things on purpose. (I’m pretty sure the “movement” is Project On Purpose. Search it under hashtags on instagram, you won’t regret it.) That got me thinking. What is my purpose for blogging?

I’ll admit, when I woke up this morning with my first followers EVER I was like “OH MY WORD!! I HAVE FOLLOWERS!! AHHHH!!!” (This was a real conversation. I sent that text message to Roman at approximately 10:20am)
Sometimes when I get REAL excited, I used ALL CAPS!

Sometimes when I get REAL excited, I used ALL CAPS!

However, that isn’t my real purpose. It is too easy to toot my own horn and get excited about what I’VE done. This blog is nothing that I’ve done. Puh-LEASE!! When I first started this blog, I was spewing hate about my horrible jobs. God had a purpose and a plan for this little space of the internet that I never intended.
Yes. This blog is a place for me to jot down feelings, thoughts, events. This blog is a timeline of sorts for memories and stories and family. BUT in all of that, my purpose is to share His message. The message of salvation, the message of never-ending love, the message of grace (that’s a BIG one, listen to me here…GRACE) as in mercy, clemency, pardon. My purpose is to share with others the things that God has been doing in me and for me so that they may be impacted and realize that he wants to do the same thing for them.
You’re lonely? God wants to be your friend. MORE than your friend; he wants to adopt you!! John 14:18
You’re hurting? God wants to comfort you. 2Corinthians 1:3-4
You’re stressed? God wants you to put your burdens at his feet. 1Peter 5:7
You’re lost? God wants you to follow him. Step out of your darkness and into his light! John 8:12
You’re angry? God wants you to let go and let him take care of it. Romans 1:18
You’re “worthless”? God says otherwise!!! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-16
I am beaming with excitement! My heart feels so full with the promises that God has given me. This walk is hard. I’ll venture to say that life is one of the hardest things we will ever encounter, but we don’t have to walk it alone. My purpose is to use my gifts to do it with a cheerful heart, and with ENTHUSIASM. (I think perhaps I have enough enthusiasm to share. hehe)
::Purpose Statement::
The purpose of Delightfully Disjointed is to build a safe, loving and caring community by making connections through sharing God’s abundant love, never-ending grace, and permanent promises. I will achieve this through the gift of writing that God has given me and consistently praying about this blog and the purpose he has for my life.

Anything You Want To Share?

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