Thick Swiss Cheese and “Holy” Women

This is another post for documentation purposes. Some of this blog is inspirational, and some of it is just so I can have a place to come back to and relive moments of my life that I really enjoyed. 🙂

So far, today has been one of those days:

 2014-08-26 11.35.34-2

There was the picnic at Dillon Lake.


2014-08-26 12.16.26        2014-08-26 16.01.43

The trail walk.


2014-08-26 15.01.17

The old washed up bottles. (I cleaned them and used them as decorations. Eeek!)


2014-08-26 15.43.02

The yummy ice cream from the camp store.

          2014-08-26 15.49.22                        2014-08-26 15.54.38

 2014-08-26 16.04.02

And time spent with the one I love. 🙂

There was also the moment when I pulled out the swiss cheese to make our sandwiches and I said “Man, this cheese is cut really thick!” To which Roman replied, “I like my cheese like I like my women, thick and ‘holy’!!” (I will never be the same.) hahahahahahahaha!

I laughed so. stinkin. hard.

Roman also performed a song he created on the spot, “Pink Polo’s and Mustache Kisses” inspired by two men who seemed to be having and exceptionally good time together. The verse goes something like *cue your most southern country song voice* “pink polos and mustache kisses, it’s all alright as long as we don’t tell the Mrs.’s” 

If I don’t post anything else to this blog it’s because I have died from laughter. This man cracks me up.

Here’s to pink polo’s, mustache kisses, thick cheese and “holy” women.


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