Whispers In The Wind

Written October 13th, 2015:

As I’m enjoying the view from my back porch on a brisk fall day, the trees and their beautiful colors mesmerize me. I was talking to God, “God, I can’t make a connection yet to the fact that you’ve created this with your own hands.” But then I had another thought. I was reminded of the Holy Spirit by watching the breeze gently rustle the leaves on the trees. I’m not yet able to appreciate God in all of his magnificence (I doubt I’ll ever be able to), but I am able to make connections that will guide me on my journey. The journey on which I am constantly tripping and falling…but never stopping! I began to think about how similar the Holy Spirit is to the wind. We can’t physically SEE the Holy Spirit, but we absolutely feel it. We can also recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in the way that people move. The same way the trees react to the wind is the way that we react when we are in tune to the spirit. When the spirit whispers we move gently. When the spirit yells we move with immediate reverence. When the spirit is pressing, we respond accordingly.

Watching the trees gently sway, I can only imagine what the wind is saying to the trees. Be still and know that I am God. Isn’t this a beautiful place? How amazing is it to have the opportunity to blow in the gentle wind as people admire your beauty. I hate that I always have to fall farther than I’ve ever fallen in order to really appreciate who God is in my life and what He’s done. I hate that when I am caught up in my own mess, trying to meet my own needs that I miss the simple, yet magnificent beauty that is all around me and the messages that each of these simple things bring. I am thankful today that I have a God whose love never runs out, whose grace is sufficient for all and whose reminders are placed perfectly in the whispers of the wind.


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