About Delightfully Disjointed

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Hi! I’m Marti.  I am on a mission to define myself according to God’s truths instead of worldly lies and misconceptions.  There are a lot of things who make me who I am, but the ultimate defining factor in my life is that I am the daughter of a King.  THE King.

My sisters and me. :)

My sisters and me. 🙂

I am an energetic, outgoing Preschool teacher with lots of love to give. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend and a princess. (I mean, after all, my Father is the King of the entire Universe.) Oftentimes I am unpredictable. You never know what’s about to happen around these blogparts. I love to tell stories, I like to get down and dirty with a glue gun, I sweat glitter (truth.) and I can make a dinner that will bring a grown man to tears. I am allowing God’s grace and love to guide me daily to places I never thought I’d go.

Expect the unexpected.


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