He Calls Me Daughter!

This week has been the HARDEST and yet the most blessed week of my entire life.  Have you ever wanted something so badly it physically pained you.  You’ve longed for it.  You’ve fantasized about it.  You’ve spent time planning it.  You’ve even gone as far as to “place an order” with God. (*I’ll take a Tall Dark and Handsome with a side order of kindness, a HUGE dollop of unconditional love and joy sprinkles on top. K thanks.*)  Have you ever experienced a longing that deep?

I have.

Have you ever then decided that you could figure it out all on your own?  You already KNOW what you want.  You’ve only spent your entire life dreaming it all up, so why aren’t you qualified to do it all on your own?!  You know why?  Because this life simply isn’t about you.

**SLAP** (Yes. That was a slap from Jesus.)  Jesus has slapped me in the face this week with that reality, but let me go back to the beginning.  Jesus didn’t slap me at all.  He so gently has guided and directed and whispered and begged for me to talk to him.  God has given me scripture and peace and comfort.  Jesus has met with me in my quiet place and shown me visions of his love.  What I so desperately long for; He so desperately wants to give to me.  When I am seeking him first.  

The past couple of months I have been constantly reminded of the story of the woman in Luke chapter 8 who was very sick and bleeding constantly (12 YEARS of bleeding.  Imagine having a period for 12 years straight. I don’t know if it was period bleeding,but seriously ladies..could you imagine bleeding for TWELVE YEARS?!) Anyway, she believed that Jesus could heal her.  She believed that just touching the bottom of his robe when he walked by would heal her.  When she reached out and touched his robe, Jesus could have done so many things in that moment.  He could have scorned her.  He could have mocked her.  He could have politely told her he was too busy.  How many times in our own lives have we “gently” avoided someone in need because we were on our way to do something.  Jesus was a busy man.  He had an entire human race to save…it LITERALLY doesn’t get any busier than that! In that very second he was actually on his way to save a DEAD GIRL…and you know what Jesus did in those sweet, sweet moments?


He looked down at her and he called her “daughter”.

Let. That. Sink. In.


 For me, this speaks to my entire core.  To the deepest parts of my soul.  I have a father who has so many worldly addictions that he has chosen over me time and time again.  Wounds that literally cut to the bone.  And here is a man who wasn’t like on his way to grab a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, but on his way to RAISE A GIRL FROM THE DEAD and he still, still took the time to heal her and call her daughter.

God has been so sweet to me.  So sweet.  Constantly I think I am able to do this thing called life on my own.  I stumble.  I fall.  I make an idiot of myself.  I hurt people around me.  And Jesus shows me grace that I just plain don’t deserve.

The second story God has brought me to just this week is of another woman who is at the feet of Jesus.  She is a well known sinner in the town.  (Go Here to Read the Story) and she finds out that Jesus would be eating at a Pharisees  house.  This woman determines that she has to see Jesus and upon entering the house she falls at his feet, sobs and wets his feet with her tears, then dries them with her hair.  She then puts perfume on his feet.  The entire time these men at dinner are talking about her and scoffing.  Again, Jesus shows this woman compassion.  He sticks up for her against the other men in the room!  And you know what else? He gives her grace.  He forgives her sins.

Jesus has just constantly been reminding me that there is grace at his feet.  That when I humble myself not only is there HEALING, but there is forgiveness.  I cannot adequately convey the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love I have felt this week from a Jesus I thought I had known since I was a child.

So, you ask.  What does this have to do with my original question?

It’s this:

God knows the desires of my heart.  He knows what I want.  He knows what I desire.  And as I have poured out to him this week, he has poured into me.  As I have begged him this week for clarity, he has shown me grace and mercy.  I go to him broken and he has healed me.  I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus is going to give me the desires of my heart and it is because for the first time in my ENTIRE life, I am able to say I’m not afraid to let him have control.


God knows what he is doing and my job in the meantime is to seek Him first.  In seeking Him I am preparing myself to be the kind of woman who is suitable to be married.  When I think I have it all figured out and attempt to do it on my own accord, I am a FRACTION of the Godly wife God wants to shape me into.  My future husband deserves more than that from me.  Beyond that, marriage isn’t about me anyway!  It is literally a bonding of two people to be a light in the darkness!  Marriage is supposed to represent the church.  Marriage is about honor, and respect and love and (dare I go there) SERVICE to your spouse and more importantly…your GOD.  Lord, forgive me for ever making it about me!  This is so not about me.

This week, I have found comfort and grace.  I have found peace and love.

The following are specific words God gave to me as I was driving home from Graduate school tonight:

It’s not about me.
It’s all about you.
Why can’t I see it?
My days here are few.
Feelings are fragile.
Feelings will lie.
When I am weary,
The truth is my guide.
No longer a sinner,
but I am Christ’s Bride.

God knows my inner most desire.

And, guys:

He calls me DAUGHTER!! ❤


Eyes In Our Hearts?

When you grow up in church you have this vocabulary that has been engrained into you innately. It’s not something that you really think about; it’s just something that happens. A lot of times it happens when we pray. This afternoon as I am reading through Ephesians for a bible study group that I attend, I read the phrase “I also pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…” (Ephesians 1:18)

And then I started thinking…the eyes of my heart? How many times have I heard that phrase? Sooo Soooo many!!–and because its engrained, I just never really considered it’s true meaning. There are songs about it, “Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord”, and there is PLENTY of scripture with the same phrase. So I started to do some digging on the internet and I came across this blog, you DEFINITELY want to read this entry, it is incredible! I was definitely enlightened.

This is what I learned, our physical eyes (the ones in our head) SEE things. Our metaphorical eyes (the ones in our heart) FEEL things. To me this makes TOTAL sense. We SEE God’s creations every day. We see the beauty in the trees, the water, our friends, our families, our pets, our children, but how often to we sit and FEEL all of those things? I am one to admit, I don’t feel God’s creations enough. I don’t sit and marvel and the incredible beauty around me or think about what kind of God he must be to give us such wonderful gifts. In Romans 1:19-20 the verse talks about how we have no excuse to not know God. He created the world and that revealed his eternal power and his divine nature. There is no excuse for us to sit and be confused about who God is, or how much he loves us. It’s ALL AROUND US! Let me pause to say, God is infinite. He is outside of our human realm and our ability to understand. So there are parts of God and his plan that we won’t understand until He comes back and then we KNOW. However, He created us, and he knows what IS within our realm of understanding so he gave us things that we can understand all around us!! (I don’t know about you, but that makes me EXCITED!! SOO EXCITED!) How great of an eternal God to give us finite things that we can touch and feel and smell and taste and love so that we may understand him better?! (Sometimes I get so excited that I literally can’t type as fast as my brain thinks. It’s like this panic between my brain and my hands and then I end up with words that look like this: kjdsfiuahlksjdfp and I have to go back and delete them so my posts are actually readable. You’re Welcome.)


If you can't feel the love of God in a child's smile...there may be no hope for you. (I'm TOTALLY kidding) But really, can you resist the smile of this precious nephew of mine?!

If you can’t feel the love of God in a child’s smile…there may be no hope for you. (I’m TOTALLY kidding) But really, can you resist the smile of this precious nephew of mine?!

This God of ours, He loves you. He wants you to know him. He wants you to FEEL him. He wants the eyes of your heart to be open. Maybe take a few minutes today and just simply ask that God opens the eyes of your heart so that you can FEEL the wonderful things around you. So you may be able to experience His love through nature, or your family, or your friends, or the scripture you read today, anything.

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Let Him Open Your Heart Eyes.