Wrestling With Compromise

Compromise is a tricky thing.

It’s seemingly something as simple as giving in half way, your significant other giving in half way and proceeding to meet dead center. However, when we are talking about compromise in regards to decorating a living space with WWE memorabilia, my compromise meter is down right busted.

Arguments commence and by the end of the discussion,  I may or may not have made a comment about being his mother. He may or may not have said that he doesn’t want to feel like he’s losing himself being in a relationship and feelings may or may not have been hurt. See, it’s about a lot more than a wrestling collection–various pictures of Stone Cold Steve Austin in all of his greasy, oily glory, The Shield looking equally has greasy but much more ominous because they dress in all black and there are three of them, WWE playing cards and action figures–it’s really about two people figuring out how to merge two lives. How to combine two separate sets interests, two minds, two bodies–into one single house.

The things that I find important, he may not. The things that he feels are important, may be perplexing to me. Life is an interesting game of give and take. Compromising and standing your ground. In this particular case is it worth it to me for my love to feel as if he is losing his identity because I am nervous about having a dinner party with the Undertaker as the kitchen table centerpiece?–No. I suppose it isn’t. However, don’t be surprised if I post pictures at a later date of a pink, purple and zebra printed living room. 😉