The Lord is With You Mighty Warrior

HOLY CRAP. (For lack of a better term.) But really! That statement–“The Lord is with you mighty warrior.”–THAT is what was said to Gideon by an angel.

Let me set the stage for you. Israel is under the oppression of the Midianites, who were pretty strong nasty people, for seven years. The Israelites that were left built shelters in caves and up in the mountains in an effort to protect themselves. 

Here’s Gideon, working in a wheat field trying to get some food for his people, minding his own business and an ANGEL is just legitimately chillin’ in front of him. That ALONE would be enough to straight knock me off my feet. I just know it would. Not only was that angel standing in front of Gideon, then the angel talked and brought a message from God to him. “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” Woah.

So long story short, God calls Gideon to save Israel from these nasty Midianites and Gideon is pretty scared. He’s like (ok, now I’m paraphrasing here guys.) “uh, you’re sure that you want ME to save all of Israel from these big, scary Midianites?!” and God is like “Am I not sending you?!”-Judges 6:14 (HELLO! Earth to Gideon, I sent an ANGEEELLL!) I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m pretty thankful for a patient God. He could have just as easily been like, “You know what Gideon, I’ve sent an angel from Heaven and you’re still not sure what I want you to do? Ok, welp, I’ll find someone else then.” Aren’t you glad that we aren’t God?!

Moving on with the story. It’s battle time and Gideon has gathered quite a few men (if my math is correct he has like 32,000) and God speaks to him and says (paraphrasing again) “Listen, buddy. You’ve got too many people. I don’t want Israel to think they’ve done something super awesome on their own. I want them to know this was me! Send some men home.”-Judges 7:2-8 By the end of this discussion with God, Gideon is left with 300 hundred men. As in 3-ZERO ZERO! 300. (I’m having a heart attack FOR Gideon right now.) I’ll go ahead and spoil the story for you and let you know that God fulfills his promise and Gideon takes down the Midianites with 300 men.

.Gideon was called. Judges 6:11-16

.Gideon was scared. Judges 6:15

.Gideon asked God for a sign. Judges 6:36-40

.God gave Gideon several signs. Judges 6:36-40

.God fulfilled his promise. Judges 7:15-25

Please get that last part…HE FULFILLED HIS PROMISE!

Aren’t we all a little like Gideon? (and by a little I mean…A LOT!) God calls us to something, and we are flat out petrified. We need a sign. We need proof. We need confirmation.

Maybe he called you to something that looks unattainable. Maybe he called you to something that looks too big to handle. Maybe he called you to something that you had never even considered for your life. Maybe you aren’t even sure it’s God. (That happened to Gideon too, read it here-Judges 6:17.)

I encourage you to pray. I encourage you to read the Bible. I encourage you to talk to GODLY friends and family and ask them to pray. I encourage you to journal and have an open dialogue with God.

I know where you’re at. I’m in the same place right now as I prayerfully consider the callings that God has for my own life.

Now I want to add a little something here: I’m not saying God is calling us all to lead an army and take down a nation. K? But each of us has our own battle. Each of us has our own “Midianite”. Each of us has, or will have, something that God is urging us to do.

And he wants you to know…

“The Lord is with you mighty warrior.”


Eyes In Our Hearts?

When you grow up in church you have this vocabulary that has been engrained into you innately. It’s not something that you really think about; it’s just something that happens. A lot of times it happens when we pray. This afternoon as I am reading through Ephesians for a bible study group that I attend, I read the phrase “I also pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…” (Ephesians 1:18)

And then I started thinking…the eyes of my heart? How many times have I heard that phrase? Sooo Soooo many!!–and because its engrained, I just never really considered it’s true meaning. There are songs about it, “Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord”, and there is PLENTY of scripture with the same phrase. So I started to do some digging on the internet and I came across this blog, you DEFINITELY want to read this entry, it is incredible! I was definitely enlightened.

This is what I learned, our physical eyes (the ones in our head) SEE things. Our metaphorical eyes (the ones in our heart) FEEL things. To me this makes TOTAL sense. We SEE God’s creations every day. We see the beauty in the trees, the water, our friends, our families, our pets, our children, but how often to we sit and FEEL all of those things? I am one to admit, I don’t feel God’s creations enough. I don’t sit and marvel and the incredible beauty around me or think about what kind of God he must be to give us such wonderful gifts. In Romans 1:19-20 the verse talks about how we have no excuse to not know God. He created the world and that revealed his eternal power and his divine nature. There is no excuse for us to sit and be confused about who God is, or how much he loves us. It’s ALL AROUND US! Let me pause to say, God is infinite. He is outside of our human realm and our ability to understand. So there are parts of God and his plan that we won’t understand until He comes back and then we KNOW. However, He created us, and he knows what IS within our realm of understanding so he gave us things that we can understand all around us!! (I don’t know about you, but that makes me EXCITED!! SOO EXCITED!) How great of an eternal God to give us finite things that we can touch and feel and smell and taste and love so that we may understand him better?! (Sometimes I get so excited that I literally can’t type as fast as my brain thinks. It’s like this panic between my brain and my hands and then I end up with words that look like this: kjdsfiuahlksjdfp and I have to go back and delete them so my posts are actually readable. You’re Welcome.)


If you can't feel the love of God in a child's smile...there may be no hope for you. (I'm TOTALLY kidding) But really, can you resist the smile of this precious nephew of mine?!

If you can’t feel the love of God in a child’s smile…there may be no hope for you. (I’m TOTALLY kidding) But really, can you resist the smile of this precious nephew of mine?!

This God of ours, He loves you. He wants you to know him. He wants you to FEEL him. He wants the eyes of your heart to be open. Maybe take a few minutes today and just simply ask that God opens the eyes of your heart so that you can FEEL the wonderful things around you. So you may be able to experience His love through nature, or your family, or your friends, or the scripture you read today, anything.

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Let Him Open Your Heart Eyes.