Some Days Are Harder Than Others

In the most chaotic moments, when I’m wrapped in his arms I feel better.

This afternoon was a rough one, as my car was smacked with a woman’s runaway cart.  That seems something miniscule in the realm of all possible things to go wrong in a single day; however, my morning was rough and I was already making a decision to have a good day when this cart (a Sams Club Cart…THOSE THINGS ARE THE SIZE OF VOLTS WAGON BEETLES!!) smacked into my car. The damage is minimal, but a smashed mirror and scuff marks to the front fender are still things that cost money.  Money that I simply don’t have. I have a deductible on my insurance that is more than what the damage is, and the damage at this point in time is more than I can afford to pay out of pocket.  Simply put, a catch 22.

So this afternoon after we had lunch, I drove Roman and I back to his house so we could rest.  He’d been a work since 5am, and I was ready to crawl in a hole for the day.  As we were taking a nap I woke up to him laughing in his sleep and for some reason I was totally comforted.  Even in the worst circumstances, this man is thankful.  Roman has encouraged me so many times just by being who he is.  He sees God’s miracles in the smallest things.  He sees God’s beauty in the smallest things.  He appreciates the smallest moments.  His laughter made my soul feel better.

So this evening as I’m processing the damage to my car, all of the issues going on at home, all of the money that I am short for one thing or another, I am also thankful for a God who brings me joy in the smallest ways. I am praying that as I continue to be faithful to God, I will be blessed.

Some days are harder than others.